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//BeerenAuslese-Weingut Dorwagen

BeerenAuslese-Weingut Dorwagen


Weingut Dorwagen originated in 1782 when it was the first time pointing cams planted. Now we are eight generations later, and the vineyard is still maintained by the family. Still with the same zeal and love for the work, which you’ll notice especially when you taste this wine.

The family Dorwagen built in the fertile hills of Rheinhessen in and around the town Ober-Hilbersheim. They own 20 hectares of vines.

A compost-rich clay and limestone marl soil the 17 different grape varieties thrive.

The small company is located in the area of the St. Johanner Klostergarten and is optimally illuminated by the sun. The grapes ripen in the summer. Precise work and preparation ensures strong and delicious wine.