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I have been a customer of Riviera Wine for

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many years now and it never ceases to amaze me the lengths they are prepared to go to to ensure exemplary service. I recently tasked them with stocking a 78m new build with prestige wines, with only a vague idea of what was required. Unpacking three pallets on time and in perfect order was like Christmas come early. Such an inspired choice which pleased the owner greatly, Louise’s vast experience was clearly evident. They have pulled out the stops and performed the impossible on more than one occasion and ensured our apparent seamless service on board, for which I shall be eternally grateful!

Darío Pineda
We have used Riviera Wine as our

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wine supply for many years and we have always been delighted with the efficient service and valuable expertise they consistently provide. Louise Sydbeck is immensely knowledgeable and is always on hand with advice and support should I need it. She has also been a wonderful teacher to many past and present interior crew, helping her students gain understanding, certificates and confidence in this area of service.

Lisa Smith







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