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//Mon Plaisir Collines de la Moure- Dry

Mon Plaisir Collines de la Moure- Dry


“For these lovely regional wines, we look for fruit, freshness and accessibility; these are wines that have been blended, in other words a combination of grape varieties chosen for their expression and their aromatic palette but also for their roundness in the mouth. We work them in such a way as to extract the desired aromas, while retaining the pleasure in the mouth.” These local wines come from a vineyard with a charming name “Les Collines de la Moure” (“The Hills of la Moure”) located between Montpellier and Mèze. La Moure or “Lo Morrau” in Occitan, which means muzzle with the sense here of “rounded hillock”, denotes the Mediterranean shore which was once bordered by gently sloping hills. This unique terroir enjoys the beneficial influence of the nearby Mediterranean, allowing slow and well-balanced ripening of the grapes.