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//Pinot Blanc- Spatlese

Pinot Blanc- Spatlese


The Weißburgunder is represented not only here, but also with our neighbors. In France the Pinot Blanc variety, Pinot Bianco in Italy, is also common in Austria, Switzerland or Slovenia. The German winemakers are discovering more and more the value of this elegant grape variety. Just 4,800 hectares or 4.7 percent of the German vineyard area are currently planted with the variety, which thrives wherever it is already too hot for the Riesling. For several decades, we have been observing a steady upward trend, doubling the vineyard area over the last decade. With more than 1,400 hectares, Baden is regarded as a high castle of the White Burgundian, as well as Rheinhessen and the Palatinate, each with more than 1,100 hectares. Worth mentioning is the White Burgundy also on Moselle (300 hectares) and Nahe (270 hectares).

Elegant white Burgundy in the dry flavor, with fresh acidity and fine fruit are ideal menu wines. In addition to light summer wines, there are powerful bottlings to dry selection. The Weissburgunder has a discreet aroma, which is often reminiscent of green nuts, apple, pear, quince, apricot, citrus fruit or fresh pineapple. A moderate body and pleasantly refreshing acid characterize it as a versatile menu wine. It is therefore suitable for seafood, fish, veal and pork as well as poultry, or simply as well-cooled terraces. Extra-rich varieties and barrique wines are also suitable for lamb or delicate dishes of the juvenile.